8 Used Cars You Should NEVER Buy

JB Auto Repair IncFord Explorer. The Explorers have many transmission problems failures resulting in costly repairs. These transmission issues are found throughout the multiple model years, making the Explorer a risky choice for a used vehicle.

Cadillac STS. With Engine, transmission, electrical, and braking system problems and the cost to fix them being high, the Cadillac STS is a used vehicle you should overlook.

BMW X5. The problems seem to affect all model years with all-wheel drive system, electrical system, and drive shaft are all areas of concern.  No reason to spend that much on a vehicle with so many problems. The X5 is one of the worst used cars you can buy.

Chevrolet Aveo. The Aveo wasn’t a car that you should have bought new, and it didn’t get any better with mileage. The aveo didn’t bring much to the table. The Aveo is known for having problems with the fuel system, brakes, and audio system.

Nissan Pathfinder/Frontier. The coolant system leaked into the transmission causing catastrophic transmission failure. Avoid this car at all costs, if the owner can’t provide proof that the vehicle has had the transmission replaced or repaired.

Kia Sedona. 2002 and 2006 are the worst model years for the Sedona. Electrical problems with airbags system failures ranking high. The sedona was a flop when it was new, and it’s a bad choice for a used car. There are plenty of better quality minivans out there to choose from.

Honda Accord. From 1996 to 2003 model years should be avoided like the plague. The Accords suffer from widespread transmission failures. Unless the owner can provide proof that the transmission has recently been replaced, don’t even think about buying one of these vehicles.

Dodge Intrepid. The 2.7 V6 engine, 99-03 model year vehicles has a serious issue with oil sludge problems making the vehicle worthless, as a used car, due to engine failure at high mileage. Before buying a used Intrepid, it would be wise to do some research first.