Internal Engine Rust

Lack of coolant service could lead to internal deterioration of engine components. Plain water can damage aluminium cylinder heads, engine blocks, freeze plugs , radiators, heater cores, water pumps and other coolant system components.  

Does My Brake Fluid Need to Be Change?

  Some manufacturers may not include it in their maintenance schedules and others do. Some vehicle this maintenance is built-in the system that it will remind you when it is time to be service. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture. Brake fluid in a sealed container can last years, but moisture from […]

Properly Checking Air in Tires

Don’t judge tire inflation just by looking at it, unless it is visually flat. Always use a tire pressure gauge to get accurate pressure readings, make sure you check them when cold before driving. Temperature play an important role on tire pressure. Cold temperatures can cause tire pressure to vary by as much as 1 […]

What Does The Man Steeping Down Light On My Dashboard Mean?

This is the Easy Access Indicator symbol. This symbol indicates that the car will lower itself when the vehicle is turned off for easy access, on vehicles with height control features. This symbol being on indicates the system is active. 

Test Your Battery

Test your battery before your battery tests you. Knowing the health of your battery, gives you the peace of mind to travel without fear. During the summer some of the battery will not make it, heat deteriorates the battery health. Keep you battery terminal properly tight and clean to prolong its life.

How Long Will My Tires Last?

We could expect at least 40,000 miles from the tire’s life, but there are many factors that can shorten the life of the tire. Underinflated, out of alignment, driving habits and lack of tire rotation are some controlled factors that reduce the lifespan of the tire. Also, other factors that have a great impact on […]

Use the Right Fuse Rating

Never replace a fuse with a higher amperage rating because the protected circuit can draw more current and can result in fire or damage to the electrical circuit. If a fuse keeps burning, have the circuit check by an electrical technician to determine the source of the problem before it becomes a major issue with […]

Importance of Timing Belt Replacement

Bent intake valves. If the timing belt breaks in an interference engine, it will incur significant internal damage. Most automakers recommend belt replacement at 90,000 to 120,000 miles to play it safe. If one is tempted to stretch the timing belt replacement interval, it would be wise to assess the risk that accompanies that decision.

How Often Should I Replace the Transmission Fluid?

It’s important to regularly check the transmission fluid for fluid degradation, but rather for fluid contamination. This contamination occurs over time with metal shavings and other contaminants from clutches and friction discs inside the transmission. Some of the modern vehicles will not have a dipstick to check transmission fluid, for these vehicles service is recommended […]

Oil Sludge Deposits

Sludge deposits in internal combustion engines can indicate either lack of proper maintenance, too high oil temperature or oil contamination. Change your engine oil regularly to avoid costly repairs. If your engine already has oil sludge do not use any type of engine flush, unless you are planning to remove the engine oil pan to […]