The Code to Know

The tire size “P205/75R14 957 M&S Traction A Temperature B” may not mean much to the average individual, but to technician like us it speaks volumes. Learn how to crack the tire code with this short guide dedicated to tire types, sizes, and construction.

Warming up Vehicle

Do You Need To Let Your Car Warm Up Before Driving It?   Not really. With today’s modern vehicles, even in cold weather, 20 to 60 seconds tops is all you need. Any longer is simply a waste of gas and causes damage to the environment.

Wheel Alignment


Pre-purchase vehicle inspection

How many times do you find yourself making that uneasy decision to buy a used car?

Here at JB Auto Repair, we would make the process so much easier, take the extra step and have the car inspected by a certified technician prior to purchase.

Once the inspection is completed, you would be well informed and should be able to negotiate a purchasing price if you have determined that the car is still worth purchasing.

HOW TO KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME to replace your wiper blades.

Be on the look out for these signs of wiper blade wear.

The rule of thumb is that you should changed your windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months. Always replaced both wiper blades at the same time, since wiper blades age at the same rate.