Blown Head Gasket!

What is the most common cause of head gasket failure? Engine over heating is a common cause of head gasket failure. The result of an overheated engine is often a coolant leak, however, a thermostat that sticks closed, water pump that fails to circulate coolant or the cooling fans that do not turn on could […]

5 Basic Functions of Engine Oil

 Basic Functions of Engine Oil Lubricate the parts within the engine so the parts can move easily. Prevent rust and corrosion. Maintain the engine cool by carrying heat away from its parts. Clean the engine by keeping out any debris between parts. Create a seal between the cylincer wall and piston rings. The bottom line […]

Loosing Coolant?

1. Coolant leak at the front of your car 2. Water pump pulley is loose and making whining sound 3. Engine is overheating 4. Steam coming from your radiator Anytime you notice any of these warning signs, contact a local ASE certified technician so they can repair or replace the water pump and get your […]

Bulb out?

Let’s get your lights shining again. Bulb life varies, so it’s important to get your vehicle lights inspected on a regular basis. We can spot burn-outs with our free courtesy check which is available with any service – even a routine oil change. Ask for a free courtesy check next time you’re in and we’ll […]

Does It Really Matter If I Let My Tank Go Below ¼ Tank?

Yes, keeping your gas filled above ¼ tank extends the life of you fuel pump. It also keeps you from running out of gas and getting stranded. The fuel pump normally generates a fair amount of heat as it operates, the fuel in the tank helps to keep the electric pump cool. Therefore running the […]

3 Common Breakdown Failures

Faulty cooling system is one of the most common reasons cars and trucks overheat. The cooling system in your vehicle works harder during hotter months to prevent the engine from overheating. Checking your car’s fluids, such as engine coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, washer fluid and engine oil regularly, can help your car from […]

Improving Handling

With Shocks, Struts and Other suspension components. · Body Roll – Poor handling and stability · Swerve – Loss steering response and recovery · Harsh ride – Noisy, uncomfortable ride · Braking nose dive – Longer stopping distance · Bottoming out – Damage or wear of suspension components · Acceleration squat – Loss of traction […]

How Old Is Your Battery?

All car batteries have an expiration date, but there are steps you can take to keep yours running as long as possible. · Do not drain the battery below a state of full discharge, below 10.5 volts damage is done to battery. · Keep the top of the battery clean, along with the battery terminals […]

Fogged Windows

Car Windows Fogged Over? Did you know that in addition to turning on the defrost on your vehicle, you can also turn on the A/C to help? The A/C works as a dehumidifier and will help your windows to de-fog faster. With the A/C on the temperature inside will start to go down keeping the moisture […]

Planning a Trip?

It’s important to have your vehicle check to insure a safe and fun trip when you are traveling. Here are some tips to help you give your vehicle a checkup: · Check tires and brakes. · Check the battery, charging and starting system. · Check all under hood fluids and wiper blades. · Check belts […]