Fuel Saving Magnets

JB Auto Repair IncEveryone is looking to reduce their consumption of fuel with the price of fuel rising everyday. One question that I get all the time is how to use magnets to improve gas mileage. My answer is would it be  possible that the major car manufacturers  have overlooked–or intentionally avoided–simple engine modifications that would give their vehicles an overwhelming advantage in the marketplace? If there are such of  thing to improve gas mileage they would be the first one to implement the use of magnets in the fuel lines.

There are dozens of fuel-line magnets on the market. They all make similar claims: reduced emissions, increased horsepower and substantial improvements in fuel economy.

According to them as gasoline flows past the magnet, the magnetic field will “tune the fuel molecules so gas burns more efficiently.” Fact: gasoline is not magnetic, the device permanent magnetic field is not moving, does not have a frequency, nor is it making any noise, so there is really nothing to tune.

But if you do end up buying one, just make sure you install it on the fuel line and not on the EVAP purge line, because if after the installation you notice improved fuel mileage by 1/2 to 2 miles per gallon, imagine what improvement you’ll get if you were to install it on the fuel line.