Cabin Air Filter

This little filter component traps dust, dirt, grime and pollen passing through your vehicles ventilation system. If you’re one of the ever increasing number of people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, changing your cabin air filter regularly can eliminate the unwanted airborne particles.   It is critical to replace your filter because the air in your car is more concentrated, and without a properly functioning cabin air filter you’re exposed to higher levels of dust, dirt and allergens than outside.  Plus, old and clogged filters can be the cause of persistent bad odors and will restrict air flow, causing your air conditioner and defrost to work harder.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing air cabin filters every 15,000 miles depending on driving habits. Stop in at JB Auto Repair and we’ll be happy to check it for you. We’re often shocked by what we find: twigs, leaves, bugs, grime. You wouldn’t believe it.