Front-end inspection

The front-end of the vehicle is something that we cannot overlook, because it supports the engine, suspension, tires and steering components. It could affect the way the vehicle drives, brakes, tire wear and most important the comfort of the ride.

How many times have you seen a vehicle broken on the side of the road with a broken suspension control arm, ball joint, or either tire facing the opposite direction? Fortunately, these types of problems are not seen very often, but when they happen, they could be very serious. To avoid any accidents, next time your vehicle is in for service, have your technician inspect several things that could keep your vehicle running in good shape.

  • Check all four tires for uneven wear.
  • Check rack and pinion or gear box.
  • Check for leaks on hydraulic pressure hoses, differential, transmission, engine, power steering pump, water pump, radiator or any leaks under the hood.
  • Check struts and shocks.
  • Check wheel bearings on all four wheels.
  • Check ball joints, control arm and its bushings.

If any of the above shows any wear, a repair or replacement could be required to correct the problem and avoid any major break downs along the road.