Wiper Blades

With the changing of the seasons and harsher weather on the way, now is a great time to improve your outlook with new wiper blades from  JB Auto Repair. Wiper blades are made of soft rubber that forms to the windshield, but it degrades rather quickly because it is constantly punished by salt, road grime, heat, sun;  it loses its edge, hardens, cracks and then won’t clean your windshield. But if you’re like most drivers, you tend to forget about wiper blades until they are not working well or you can’t safely see. We like to take a little extra time to make sure your blade arms are straight and true to assure your new blades fit your windshield for optimal performance. Before your blades start streaking, bouncing or scraping, stop in and get a new set professionally installed so you can drive with confidence in any weather.