Warning Lights

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Output control warning light

This light comes on when the ignition switch is on. It goes off when the electric motor is ready to run. The warning light comes on when the hybrid vehicle battery temperature is low or high, or the hybrid vehicle battery capacity is decreased with the selector lever at “R” during driving. If the light comes on, the power will be limited. Drive your vehicle without hard acceleration.



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It’s a warning light to alert you, the driver, if you are falling asleep, to prevent drowsy driving. In other words your car is getting to know you and your driving style. If your vehicle detects events like steering corrections or other unusual steering-related maneuvers, the steaming cup of coffee will illuminate along with a chime.



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This is the Easy Access Indicator symbol.

This symbol indicates that the car will lower itself when the vehicle is turned off for easy access, on vehicles with height control features.

Being on indicates the system is active.